Furniture Repair

This is an example of a repair to a broken chair rung, we can often repair, rather than replace broken components.

We can replace and broken rockers, or other components of furniture that have broken or otherwise failed.  These parts are handmade with traditional hand tools to match the original components exactly.  The finish and patina are then matched for a flawless look.

We can repair the structure of upholstered furniture as well!  We replace and repair any broken structural elements, tack rails, broken legs, etc, then replace the upholstery so it looks perfect again.

We repair broken marble tops on furniture too!  We can repair and reinforce most damage to stone, using advanced adhesives, and pigments to blend in the repair.

Drawers often get so they do not function correctly due to damage and wear.  While we are restoring your furniture, one of the things we address is drawer function, repairing drawer runners as needed.

Chair Reglues are something we do on a regular basis. This is much more than "tightening up" the joints, we fully dissasemble the chairs, clean all of the old glue out of the joints, do whatever repair the components require, then reasssemble the chair.  This is an involved and time consuming process, but if you give us the opportunity to do it right, this work will last for years, where if it is done in a slipshod fashion, failure is imminent, usually within months.  We look forward to helping you sit tight!

Veneer Patching

Here We are tracing out a template to cut the replacement veneer to fit the void left by the missinng veneer.

Patched Veneer

Replacment veneer grain aligned, and glued in place,  It will be colormatched and be almost invisible when the finish is applied.